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Look Who’s Coming to the White House

With the Trump’s Administration push for “Hire American, Buy American,” countries like India feel the pressure. According to hindustantimes.com, more Indians in the US are searching for jobs in India after the 2016 election. The data displays 600 US-based Indians were seeking employment in India in December 2016 and increased to 7,000 in March 2017. [...]

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Why a Trust is Right for You…

Ideal Estate Plan AVOID Estate Taxes AVOID Income Taxes AVOID Dissipation of Assets from Irresponsible Spending AVOID Attack from Creditors, Predators, & Divorce AVOID Court Control (Probate, Guardianship, or Conservator ship) as Much as Possible How can you create an ideal estate plan? Do nothing (intestacy) Use joint tenancy, beneficiary designations, transfer on death, [...]

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Where Is the Love?

The entryway of diversity, innovation, and culture is what makes the fabric of America what it is. Unfortunately, for the Trump Administration, the desire is to narrow the margin. The desire is to cut in half the number of legal immigrants that enter the country. Yes, you read correct. LEGAL IMMIGRATION.  GOP Senators Tom [...]

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The Tale of the Revoked Visa Ticket

Once upon a time, there was a client with a visa ticket living the American Dream. He had all the treasures his heart desired: a job and a life of dignity. Suddenly, the visa ticket was revoked. He contacted his employer concerned for his legal status. The employer expressed concern to the Attorney. The Attorney [...]

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How to Turn Your IRA into a Massive Benefit for Your Family

Ideal Estate Plan AVOID Estate Taxes AVOID Income Taxes AVOID Dissipation of Assets from Irresponsible Spending AVOID Attack from Creditors, Predators, & Divorce AVOID Court Control (Probate, Guardianship, or Conservatorship) as Much as Possible Is there a way I can avoid taking my Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)? At least for “traditional” retirement plans, but [...]

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The Department Wants More From The Visa Applicant

The Current Administration is adding more questions in the visa interview process “to implement additional protocols and procedures” focused on “ensur[ing] the proper collection of all information necessary to rigorously evaluate all grounds of inadmissibility or deportability, or grounds for the denial of other immigration benefits.” The requested supplemental information on the application include:11 Travel [...]

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The Administration’s Tactic to Trump H1-B Visas

The current administration has been working quietly with the Justice Department to change the H1-B process. The plan would enforce the President’s campaign promise to “Buy American, Hire American.” The administration is considering companies under the H1-B program to implement the “Buy American, Hire American” mentality by requiring employers job advertise to U.S. workers [...]

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The Grassley May Not Be Greener In the U.S.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) met with the Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta to discuss stricter reform for the H-1B program which provides 85,000 visas each year to foreign national workers in areas such as technology and engineering. Sen. Grassley is working to gain momentum and support from the White House for his H1-B reform bill [...]

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Deportation Misunderstanding

Hypothetical: Imagine you are travelling to the U.S. with a valid visa, valid earlier H-1B approval, and an amendment receipt notice for your new employer but you are insufficient for entry and deported because your petition is under process. You had to correct paperwork but what went wrong? Timing and preparedness is the name [...]

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