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“I endorse this lawyer. I have seen several answers Ms. Scarborough has left on this website. She demonstrates excellent knowledge of Immigration law, as well as keen insight. She offers excellent advice.”
Kevin B., Immigration Attorney

“Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.”
Christian L., Life insurance Attorney

“I endorse attorney Scarborough. She understands the complexity of immigration laws and regulations, and represents clients competently and efficiently.”
Gintare G., Immigration Attorney

“Ms. Scarborough’s answers and Legal Guides on Avvo show she is an extremely competent, knowledgeable, and practical immigration attorney. Her services should be sought out by anyone having an immigration problem.”
Jeffrey W., Bankruptcy And debt Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Scarborough demonstrates her excellence in immigration law with her clear and concise answers. She is the kind of lawyer you want on your side!”
Charles O., Workers Compensation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Scarborough is an outstanding Immigration Attorney. She is a strong and zealous advocate for her clients and a credit to the legal profession. I highly recommend her legal services.”
Gen K., Immigration Attorney

“I have reviewed and discussed complicated immigration issues with Stephanie and her office. Unlike many immigration attorneys, not only is she well versed in the actual law and regulations, but she also is on top of current guidance and trends that affect adjudications. This is critcial knowledge when providing practical and pragmatic advice to clients.”
Andrew W., Immigration Attorney

“Attorney Scarborough’s expertise is clear, her legal guides and responses show that she exercises care and diligence.”
Gregory S.

“I endorse this lawyer. She is an outstanding attorney with an excellent reputation. She is a knowledgeable and zealous advocate for her clients and a credit to the legal profession. I highly recommend her.”
Khaja D., Immigration Attorney

“I have been working side-by-side with Stephanie on immigration matters over the last two years. She is a highly ethical and skilled immigration practitioner who cares deeply about her clients.”
Michael R., Immigration Attorney

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