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We are a country of immigrants, and it is our immigrant nature as a nation that has made us great. Our ideas and innovation have long benefited from our diverse people, hailing from every country and territory around the globe. We are a rich tapestry comprised of different cultures and customs, races and ideologies. America benefits from its diversity and immigration opportunities are vital to our continued prosperity as a nation. And sometimes that first taste of America that drives an immigrant to seek US citizenship comes during that month or year that they visit the US on a tourist visa. As a seasoned Visitor Visa Consultant/Attorney in Jacksonville, FL, Stephanie Scarborough takes pride in her work assisting people with their immigration issues, helping permanent residents who seek citizenship and foreign residents seeking visas who want to experience America.

Tourist Visa B1/B2 – Visitor Visa

Every year, countless citizens of foreign countries seek visas to enter the United States for education and work, and of course to tour America and enjoy its natural beauty. The process to obtain a visitor visa is thorough. You may find it immensely helpful to confer with a visitor visa consultant/attorney in Jacksonville, FL, to ensure that you meet all the requirements for obtaining your visa and properly complete the process, provide the documentation, and file all in accordance with the rigid US government laws. A B1/B2 Tourist Visa Consultant/Attorney/Lawyer can help you successfully complete every step and put you in the best light for approval, without delays. Stephanie Scarborough of Scarborough Law, LLC with offices in Jacksonville, FL, and Alpharetta, GA, has the experience you’ll want when your B1/B2 Visitor Visa is on the line.

A visitor visa is a nonimmigrant visa for a person who desires to come to the US temporarily for business (visa category B1), or for tourism (visa category B2), or for perhaps both (B1/B2).

A List of Activities Permitted with a Visitor Visa

  • Business (B1)
  • Tourism (B2)
  • Travel Purposes (that are not permitted on some visitor visas)
What is the Process for Application?

There are a handful of steps in the application process and the order and manner of completion could vary by U.S. Embassy or Consulate. To ensure you are meeting the requirements and schedules, talk with a B1/B2 tourist visa consultant/attorney/lawyer and review the specific instructions available at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate website. Scarborough Law, LLC, with offices in Jacksonville FL and Alpharetta, GA is your B1/B2 consultant. Call today for help with any questions you may have regarding your visitor visa application and process.

Completion of the Online Visa Application

For the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160, applicants are required to do the following:

  1. Complete the online visa application.
  2. Print out the application form confirmation page and bring it to the interview.
  • Applicants should upload their photo while completing the Form DS-160 online. (All photos must adhere to the format that is explained in the Photograph Requirements.)
Scheduling Your Interview

Interviews are, in most cases, required for all visa applicants with a few limited exceptions that are listed for your convenience below.

Age & Interview Requirements
  • Children aged 13 years and younger are not required to interview in most cases. (Exceptions could apply, consult with your visitor visa consultant/attorney.)
  • Children and adults who fall into the age range of 14-79 years of age are typically required to interview, though there may be exceptions granted in the case of a renewal.
  • Seniors who are 80 years of age or older are not required to interview in most cases.
Scarborough Law, LLC.

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