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“Frustrated as I wasn’t seeing any upward moment in EB3 for years, I spoke with a friend of mine who suggested that I should consult an Attorney, Stephanie Scarborough who he knew personally. He said that she knew the immigration law very well and she was committed and very personable. I said but I do have an Attorney who is quite famous and looks like he knows what he is doing.” My friend insisted saying, “Just speak was Stephanie and I’ll request her to give you discount if you end up using her.” Reluctantly, I agreed to consult her.

When I narrated my case to her, she said, “Looking at your qualification, experience and the job requirements, you’ll certainly qualify to be elevated to EB2.” I was still skeptical thinking why my current immigration lawyer who was one of the most expensive lawyers that I was using didn’t realize it. Sensing my doubt, Stephanie said I will draft the required letter and if you agree, we will file your petition in EB2. Fast forward she did outstanding job of getting my petition approved in EB2 and I got my green card as expected. If I had stayed with my previous attorney, I would have still been in EB3 waiting and waiting and waiting. Additionally, while in the process whenever I was stressing up or my anxiety hit the rough, I would contact Stephanie and she would ease my stress as if she was a trained counselor in stress and anxiety management. I’m short of words to express my gratitude and respect for Stephanie. She is thorough professional and friendly too. Finally, her fees are reasonable too.”
Bajeerao P.

“We originally went to see Stephanie with an issue that we were not sure she could help us with. She gave our questions a lot of serious thought, gave us good advice and, in the end, she was able to recommend another professional to help us find the right solution for our situation. She is very knowledgeable, is a good listener, and is a pleasure to work with.”
Karol P.

“Miss Scarborough is an angel. She help us wen we where desperate. She handled our case with care and patience. I gave us the confidence to proceed and without her help I don’t think we would have the same outcome.”
Maarten B.

“Great service! Wow truly incredible”
Acid D.

“I enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War when the military was recruiting qualified men from the Philippines. This was a stepping stone to migrate to America, but I got in trouble when I was arrested and found guilty of committing a felony. I was sentenced and paid my dues to society.

Several years after I got out of the Naval Service, I decided to apply for U.S. Citizenship. Due to the felony record, I knew my chances were not good. And the worst that could happen was nerve-wracking…deportation back to the Philippines.

I seeked the services of Stephanie Scarborough who did extensive researches, acquired court records, documents, etc., necessary for the completion for filling out the application for U.S. Citizenship. Stephanie Scarborough even accompanied me to the INS for the interview to ensure that questions about the felony record were satisfactorily answered. She showed genuine concern in helping me.

Stephanie Scarborough made it possible, I am now a U.S. Citizen.”

“A few months ago, a friend who had previously used Stephanie’s legal service recommended her to me. She handled the filing of my work visa and she was absolutely phenomenal. Her legal advice and great attention to detail was remarkable. She kept me informed all through the process. I strongly recommend her legal service.”

“Stephanie is a lawyer I highly recommend. She provided me with excellent legal advice/service in getting my worker visa case approved. One thing that I really I liked about her service is that she was always available to listen to me and give advice—even after my worker visa had been approved. Matter of facts, she helped 3 of my colleagues, who were in the same situation I was, get their workers’ visa applications approved.”

“She has had a high level of professionalism yet with a personal touch. She has been patient and supportive during the whole process. She has worked very diligently on our case and my husband would not be here still in the USA if it wasn’t for her. She is worth every penny we have paid and more. The office staff is very friendly. We are definitely satisfied with the end result and her performance on our case. She was an outstanding lawyer and we give her 2 thumbs-up. We have referred her to friends knowing they will be completely satisfied with her service.”
A Satisfied Client

“We had our US immigration done through Scarborough law. It was smooth and easy. The staff were super helpful and kept us informed through the process.”
Alisha A.

“Very good service. Stephanie and her team were persistent in getting answers and very responsive. Thank you!”
Kane B.

“You are doing an excellent services for the US immigration and tax consultation. It is an awsome experience to get associated with them.”
Sreejith A.

“Scarborough Law is handling our case and doing an amazing job.”
Jason W.

“Stephanie and her staff have helped our clients with tough problems. She’s passionate, intelligent and friendly.”
John P.