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Why A Trust Is Right For You

  • Published: July 21, 2017
Why A Trust Is Right For You
Ideal Estate Plan
  • AVOID Estate Taxes
  • AVOID Income Taxes
  • AVOID Dissipation of Assets from Irresponsible Spending
  • AVOID Attack from Creditors, Predators, & Divorce
  • AVOID Court Control (Probate, Guardianship, or Conservator ship) as Much as Possible
How can you create an ideal estate plan?
  • Do nothing (intestacy)
  • Use joint tenancy, beneficiary designations, transfer on death,
  • Will-centered estate plan
  • Trust-centered estate plan

Estate planning is more than document. Estate planning requires thoughtful consideration of your goals paired with implementation of specific strategies to achieve them

Will Vs Trust

A Trust can do it all!
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