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The Administration’s Tactic To Trump H1-B Visas

  • Published: July 11, 2017
The Administration’s Tactic to Trump H1-B Visas

The current administration has been working quietly with the Justice Department to change the H1-B process. The plan would enforce the President’s campaign promise to “Buy American, Hire American.” The administration is considering companies under the H1-B program to implement the “Buy American, Hire American” mentality by requiring employers job advertise to U.S. workers before hiring H1-B workers; reducing the cap and duration for the visas; requiring employers to report and submit duties done by their H1-B employees; and cutting “optional practical training” (OPT) for STEM graduates to work in the U.S. three years after graduation. Nothing is set in stone but why limit innovation and highly-educated workers for nationalist nepotism.

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