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The Investor Visa, known simply as the EB-5, is an increasingly popular means to combine several beneficial socio-economic goals—providing jobs and a pathway to immigration. The US Department of Homeland Security’s US Citizenship and Immigration Services division (USCIS) administers and oversees the EB-5 program. This now firmly established, successful program was developed and initiated by Congress in 1990 to spur the US economy via job creation as well as capital investment by qualified foreign investors. Stephanie Scarborough and her team at Scarborough Law, LLC have extensive experience in this area of law. They have a track record of success as a top EB-5 visa consultant and are familiar with the many steps, procedures, and potential pitfalls to watch out for. When you need the best EB-5 visa consultant, contact Scarborough Law, LLC in Jacksonville, FL.

The USCIS has established strict guidelines that every applicant must follow. Consult with an EB-5 visa consultant in Jacksonville, FL to plan your steps. Now let’s consider some of the basics:

First of all, it is a requirement that every EB-5 investor must invest in a ‘new commercial enterprise,’ defined as a commercial enterprise that adheres to the following:

1) Was established after Nov. 29, 1990,


2) Was established on or before Nov. 29, 1990, and is:

  • Purchased, and then the existing business is thus restructured or thereby reorganized such that a new commercial enterprise emerges, or
  • Expanded via the investment such that, at minimum, a 40-percent increase occurs in the net worth or total number of employees

Commercial enterprise is defined as a for-profit activity that is formed for the purposes of engaging in the ongoing lawful business including, but not limited to:

  • Partnership (limited or general)
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Holding Company
  • Corporation
  • Joint Venture
  • Business Trust
  • Other Entities (publicly or privately owned) (Discuss these with your attorney.)

Consult with your investor visa, immigration attorney/lawyer for specific details, and a more thorough overview of the process and procedures. Stephanie Scarborough of Scarborough Law, LLC has two convenient offices staffed with caring, seasoned attorneys who can help you—in Jacksonville, FL, and Alpharetta, GA.

Considering Job Creation Requirements

The law is complex but specific, and an investor visa, immigration attorney/lawyer can assist you whether you’re in Jacksonville, FL, Alpharetta, GA, or other areas. Under the guidelines, a qualified EB-5 investor must invest a predetermined amount of capital in a ‘new commercial enterprise’ that will then create full-time positions for, at minimum, 10 ‘qualifying employees.’ Further, the guidelines stipulate that the new commercial enterprise (or any wholly-owned subsidiaries) must actually be the employer of these named qualifying employees. Additionally, the USCIS differentiates between classifications of ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ jobs and has precise definitions of what constitutes a ‘troubled business,’ as well as who can be classified as a ‘qualifying employee,’ ‘full-time employee,’ and more. There’s a lot to consider, and this only touches the tip of the iceberg so to speak, so contact Scarborough Law, LLC, your trusted EB-5 visa consultant in Jacksonville, FL.

Considering Capital Investment Requirements with Your EB-5 Visa Consultant in Jacksonville, FL

The capital investment could be cash, inventory, equipment or perhaps other property, and also a cash equivalent and indebtedness that is secured by assets (with restrictions, talk with your EB-5 visa consultant in Jacksonville, FL to learn more.) Capital is assessed and valued according to fair-market valuations in US dollars. And an immigrant investor must clearly demonstrate that she or he is the legal owner of any capital that is invested. Minimum investments are defined below:

United States General Investment:
  • The minimum qualifying investment is $1 million.
  • United States Targeted Employment Area Investment: (High Unemployment or Rural Area)
  • The minimum qualifying investment in a high-unemployment area or rural area is $500,000.

Contact Scarborough Law, LLC, your dedicated, experienced EB-5 visa consultant in Jacksonville, FL and Alpharetta, GA.

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