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Protect Your Kids Future – The Time Is Now

  • Published: March 1, 2018
Written by: Kimbretta Clay and Jamie Hudgins

We had a scintillating time last month, if you weren’t there, you missed a treat! Our Managing Partner, Stephanie Scarborough, gave away so much free information. We can’t even begin to monetize the value that was packed into her Kid’s Protection Plan Seminar. If you’re a parent of minor children, know someone with minor children or even know and/or parent adult children with special needs, this blog is for you. We believe in this subject so much, and the value it holds, that we had to circle back and highlight Stephanie’s presentation from Saturday, January 27, 2018 at the Post Road public library in Alpharetta, Georgia.

We knew it would be a good day, when the turnout superseded our expectations. That alone tells us that people are getting more serious about tying up loose ends as it relates to their families and their estates. Our goal-to educate the local citizens about the importance of protecting your kids and assets, not only while they are physically here and able to care for them, but more importantly that everyone would have a solid, legally binding plan to protect your kids/assets in the event of an unexpected disability or death.

We must ask ourselves, who will take care of my children in the event I suddenly cannot? What if your preferred guardian lives in another state, who will care for your minors until they can get here? Who will stand in the gap as a short-term guardian while your permanent guardian goes through the legal process of being able to get physical and legal custody of your children? These are the things often left to chance, not because we do not love our kids, but because we didn’t know; or we didn’t act. We have no idea about the number of services and resources available to us, to help us do the very thing that matters most to us-protecting our family.

The truth is, time is not slowing down or waiting on any of us. We all must decide to act-now. Do everything in our power to ensure our children will still live, be healthy, happy and well taken care of even if we are not here to facilitate that experience ourselves. Start to think about who would best serve as long term and short-term guardians. What financial resources will we provide to assist our chosen guardian(s) in carrying out our wishes? Investing in a trust account to manage the logistics of our assets. Sure, it’s hard to think about these scenarios, but it will be a lot harder on your kids if you didn’t do this hard work, today.

A Basic Kid’s Protection Plan may include:

  • Nomination of first responders or temporary guardian(s)
  • Written instructions to caregivers/babysitters
  • Nomination of long-term guardian(s)
  • Medical Power of Attorney for minors
  • Kid’s Protection Plan ID Card
  • Confidential exclusion of guardian(s)
  • Fiduciary letters to short and long-term guardian(s)
  • Letters to the guardian(s)
  • Family wealth legacy interview

Let us help you ensure that your children are protected in a time where it will matter most. Contact us, we are ready to help you tie up those potential loose ends. Let’s talk and create a plan that is especially designed for you and your family. Attending one of our workshops or seminars could also make you eligible for special discounts. We know this has been on your to-do list, call us and let us help you check this off. We look forward to hearing from you!

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